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Bridal Sizing

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Bridal Sizing

Where Brides from Georgia & Carolina find their Dream Gown

Where Brides from Georgia & Carolina find their Dream Gown

Bridal Sizing

October 24, 2016

“What size is this dress? You must be kidding; I’ve never worn a size 8 in my whole life!” How many times have we heard this statement? Bridal sizing has not changed since WWII. Ready-to-wear sizing has changed to reflect changing body types over the years, but bridal has not. You can count on a difference of one to two sizes from bridal to ready-to-wear. For example, a bride that wears a size 4 ready-to-wear will likely wear a size 8 in bridal. Don’t buy a number…buy a correct fit. Also, buy what fits today, not what you anticipate will fit when it comes in. Don’t put that stress on the dress!

When ordering a gown, there are 3 most relied upon measurements. The bust, the natural waist, and the hips. It is very unusual for a woman to be in the same size for all 3 measurements of a designer’s size chart. Please understand, we order so that the largest measurement will fit your body. For example, if you fit a size 8 in the bust, a 10 in the waist and a 4 in the hips. Your dress will be ordered in the size 10. Right around the natural waist are your ribs and unless you plan on removing a rib or two, which we do not recommend, we need to order so that the dress will close. So what does that mean for the bust and hips? You will have it taken in and adjusted by a seamstress. A mistaken thought is that when we take your measurements that you might assume that your dress is being made to your measurements.  We take the measurements so that we can be assured that the dress will cover all of your body. You can take dresses in, but it is very difficult to let dresses out.

The same is true for bridesmaids. We do our best to match your measurements to the size chart of the manufacturers. It is our hope and prayer that each gown would fit like a glove for each customer, but sadly for a perfect fit you will often need a little alteration. We don’t do the alterations, but we highly recommend that you do go to the effort to having your dress fit beautifully. Nothing looks worse than someone tugging at their breasts all night or tripping over a long hem on the dress on the dance floor.

We want every Elegant Bridal’s customer to look their best and feel their best too!