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How long do I have to order my bridesmaids gowns?

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How long do I have to order my bridesmaids gowns?

Where Brides from Georgia & Carolina find their Dream Gown

Where Brides from Georgia & Carolina find their Dream Gown

How long do I have to order my bridesmaids gowns?

December 8, 2016

As a matter of fact; your Maids matter to us!

When do my bridesmaids have to order their gowns?

That is one of the most frequently asked questions we have here at Elegant Bridals. Once you have worked with a bridesmaid specialist and have selected the style and color for your bridal party we will work with you to set a deadline for your bridesmaids to be measured and to order their gowns.

Bridesmaid gowns have to be produced and manufactured just like bridal gowns. They come in 100’s of colors and many different fabric choices. Bridesmaid designers wait for us to place an order and then they put the order in for the production and manufacturing process. Timelines and deadlines are very real in the wedding business. Remember, you have a specific date and time that you are walking down the aisle and you want everything to be stress free and believe me; so do we.

Dresses should be ordered five to six months before the wedding date. This allows for shipping dresses to out of town bridesmaids, alterations, and travel time to the wedding. Different manufacturers have different delivery dates for regular delivery. They also have fees for rush shipping that adds additional cost to the dress and stress that are needless for the bride and her maids.

At Elegant Bridals, we have someone who keeps a watchful eye on when dresses are ordered and when they are due to arrive. She will communicate with the bride if one of the maids hasn’t come in or contacted us and the deadline is approaching. All dresses in a party are ordered at the same time to insure that they are in the same dye lot, and that is why all the girls have the same deadline.

When the dresses come in; the bride will be contacted that they are here. We will inspect and press the dresses when they arrive, but it is important that the maids receive their gowns and try them on as soon as they arrive to make sure that there are no problems. We here at Elegant Bridals like to stay in the “No Stress about the Dress Zone”.