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Elegant Bridals Reviews
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Did you say, “SALE”?!

Elegant Bridals Reviews

Did you say, “SALE”?!

Did you say, “SALE”?!

August 8, 2016

What is it about the word SALE that just gets your attention? On July 16th Elegant Bridals participated in our first annual National Bridal Sale Day. 700 privately owned retailers nationwide had the biggest sale of the year that Saturday. What did I expect would happen? To be honest I wasn’t sure; but I envisioned the days of old when Midnight Madness would happen at a local department store. When the Marker Man came out, it sent women into a WILD frenzy diving into dress racks like it was an Olympic sport. I wondered if it would be like Black Friday and brides will be in pop-up tents outside the store waiting to find their dream gown at rock bottom prices! I wasn’t sure what to expect because after all this is a bridal gown, a once in a lifetime purchase, not a 60-inch television or electronic that will be outdated before you can get it home.
However, thinking back, I vividly remember hearing about the annual sale event at Filene’s Basement, The Running of the Brides. Women were trampling each other to get to the ONE size 8 Super Sparkle delight by the Designer of the Day. When I say I heard about it; I am not actually giving it the credit it deserves. This sale was news, National News, with TV cameras filming the full frenzy of fiancé’s rushing to the racks filled with deeply discounted gowns; but seriously now, what is it about a SALE that makes the purchase all that much sweeter?
Value…women want value for their hard earned dollar. Service is a part of the value that comes with the most important purchase of your lifetime; your dream dress. Finding your wedding gown with a locally owned bridal business insures that you as a bride are going to be taken care of. We aren’t corporate; this is personal to us. So although the shopping may be a little more thrilling and adventurous as you take on the hunt for your wedding gown on the Biggest Bridal SALE Day of the year, rest assured that we too at Elegant Bridals will be sharing in your excitement.
I’m happy to report it wasn’t all as frenzied as I imagined it could’ve been, but it was still a terrific day nonetheless. We spent the day helping sweet girls to find the gown of their dreams at amazing prices and creating relationships, what more could you ask for?




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