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Elegant Bridals Reviews
The Knot Best of Weddings - 2018 Pick

Style the Aisle…Selecting Your Wedding Attire

Elegant Bridals Reviews

Style the Aisle…Selecting Your Wedding Attire

Style the Aisle…Selecting Your Wedding Attire

October 31, 2016

I love to know where a bride is going to be married so I can envision her as the centerpiece of the ceremony; and imagining how the camera will capture the special moments. Also, having an idea of the venue will give me an idea what will realistically, physically fit in the given space. For example, if you are marrying in a small chapel and have 6 attendants, that’s a lot of people in a small space. If you add a Scarlett O’Hara hoop skirt ball gown, that also takes a fair share of real estate. Six attendants does not sound like a huge wedding party, but when you add six groomsmen, the pastor, the bride and groom and of course the bride’s dad you are already up to 15 people on a small altar area.
When selecting your bridal gown and the attendant’s attire, have in mind the total picture of what the ceremony will look like. At Elegant Bridals we do love to help our brides style her aisle and giving her a complete storybook look that will stand the test of time when captured in your photographs.
Select your gown first! You are the bride, and as I said earlier the centerpiece of the wedding. Have the rest of the wedding party follow your lead as to the style of their gowns. Of course when selecting bridesmaid’s gowns it is quite traditional to select the same dress for all and in the same color. However, a growing trend is to allow the bridesmaids to select the silhouette that looks best on them and order it in the same color. This can be done seamlessly if all the bridesmaids gowns are the same fabric and by the same designer. Come in to Elegant Bridals and let one of our bridesmaids specialists help you and your maids style the aisle and capture the wedding that you have on your mind.




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