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Elegant Bridals
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New Beginnings

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The Knot Best of Weddings - 2016 Pick

New Beginnings

Where Brides from Georgia & Carolina find their Dream Gown

Where Brides from Georgia & Carolina find their Dream Gown

New Beginnings

July 29, 2016

Welcome to my blog, Behind the Veil…this is an attempt to look at what is on the bride’s mind. A reflection of some of the sweet stories that make your heart smile, and some helpful thoughts from time to time. Trust me, one of the first things a bride thinks about is her wedding gown. 33 years ago I loved my wedding gown and today I still do! My husband, Fathy, also has fond memories of being at the altar, hearing the chiming of the hour, and seeing the doors open to catch that first glimpse of me as his bride. I was on my father’s arm as we started to proceed to “Here comes the Bride”…there wasn’t a center aisle so when everyone stood up he could only see the top of my father’s head. He had to wait until we reached the end of the aisle to see me again however he didn’t have to wait too long as my dad was nervous and instead of a slow bridal march it transitioned to a wedding sprint! I still remember hearing the words every bride longs to hear from her groom. He thought I looked beautiful! Perhaps he shouldn’t have shared that with me while the pastor was praying, but what a sweet memory we share.

That is how we want every bride to feel on her wedding day; Beautiful and Radiant. That bridal giddiness comes honestly in my genes. My Grandmother Louise was a Bridal Consultant. I loved seeing the relationships she had with her brides. When I was old enough, I was allowed to go to a few of the weddings where she would take care of even the smallest of details. That is the experience that I wanted to recreate for our brides. We want our brides to know that every detail is being attended to. I feel we have succeeded in making Elegant Bridals a beautiful experience for today’s brides. Old Fashioned service in a Fast Paced world.

A couple of weekends ago was our fifteenth anniversary of opening Elegant Bridals. The ribbon cutting was on July 10, 2001. It is sort of like cutting the cord on your brand new baby. You spent a lot of time preparing for its arrival, attending to every detail, and then the day is here when your business is born. What a blessing it has been. Fathy and I had careers and we needed someone to handle all of the smallest details. We needed a Louise, so God sent us Traci. The three of us have been together for our entire journey….A strand of three is not easily broken…

My how things have changed in the past fifteen years! Today brides are shopping on their phones instead of the large catalog issues of Brides Magazine. Brides once had a notebook filled with magazine clippings of dresses, shoes, table settings, and bouquets. Now they pull out their phones and scroll to their Pinterest page. The aisle of red carpet at their hometown church has been replaced with an aisle dusted with golden hay in the barn. The silk closed toe shoes have been replaced with either Cowboy boots or Converse. Change is inevitable, but there are some things that I think will never change, at the end of the aisle the bride dreams of hearing her groom whisper, ”You look beautiful” . Just know that we are here to help make that dream come true.