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A Word for Moms

Where Brides from Georgia & Carolina find their Dream Gown

Where Brides from Georgia & Carolina find their Dream Gown

A Word for Moms

August 15, 2016

I’ve taken on a new title recently; I am the Mother of the Groom also known in the business as the MOG. I am so excited! We love Lauren and we are so excited for our son. As with all mothers, this is what we have prayed for since before he was born. She is beautiful and smart. She has a gentle spirit, but mostly she loves and adores my son.  Mothers are always special to me but especially when they come in shopping for this once in a life time occasion, their child’s wedding. In the last 15 years, I have had the honor and privilege to dress some very special moms.  Some of my dearest friends who were Mothers of the Bride and Groom have trusted me to select their gown for their child’s wedding. It has been a joy to see them look beautiful and radiant as they were escorted down the aisle.

A lot of my closest friends are very Type A. They are organized and are long range planners, well they do say that opposites attract, and to my defense I do love spontaneity.  However, because they are organized planners and because they shopped well in advance, they had the opportunity to get almost anything they wished for without the stress of watching the calendar and wondering if the dress would make it in time.  They planned early enough and had the time to order exactly what they wanted in style, color, and size. However, those who come in on Tuesday and want to wear the gown the next Saturday are more than likely going to have to buy a style that is already hanging in the store hopefully in the size and color they need.  I am going to do my best not to be in the second group. However I am not making any promises there.

I already had a vision of what I would wear when it came to be my turn. In fact, I have had it carefully hanging in a bag for the last few years just waiting for him to find the love of his life. Let me tell you, I love this dress. Sort of like my love for sweets. I’ll bet you can guess where this story is going. Yes, somehow while hanging in the garment bag my dress shrank. There are not enough Spanx in North America and unfortunately there isn’t enough Slim Fast in this world to work fast enough to get me into my gown in time.  In reflection, it could have been the humidity as I am quite certain that it had nothing to do with the Klondike bars. This must be a southern thing because I have heard of it happening to others.

Moms are notorious for putting off dress shopping. I know there are a lot of other things on their minds.  One of the reasons we hear most often is that they wanted to wait until they lost weight to shop. Let me tell you honestly…shop now and have it taken in if need be. No one wants to feel like they settled for a dress because it was all they could find.

I have often been asked, what color should a Mother wear?   I know what you are thinking my fellow MOG’s…I too have heard that MOGs are supposed to wear beige and be quiet. Listen up moms, that is a wives’ tale! There is no merit to that advice unless you look great in beige and you are naturally meek and shy.  To be honest, I am not a beige sort of girl. I like color!  This is not to suggest that I will be Jane of many colors, but I am going to look for something that looks good on me. I want to feel beautiful on my son’s wedding day.  Generally as a rule, it is a courtesy to allow for the mother of the bride to select her gown first and she then advises the groom’s mother on her choice of style, length and color.  My advice to any mother is to select a color that looks beautiful on her skin tone, is appropriate for the season of the wedding, and will compliment the wedding party.

Moms, listen please. I am on your side; I am one of you… take a little to time to shop for yourself. Don’t invite unnecessary stress so close to the wedding. I understand that you have a lot on your plate and there are a lot of decisions that have to be made. This is the day you have prayed for since before they were born.  Each mother there has played a beautiful role in their child’s life and so I believe that she deserves to feel beautiful on their wedding day. So shop early and know that we at Elegant Bridals are walking the aisle with you.